Join "My Credit Score 750" Facebook Group and Unlock These Exclusive Benefits:

1. Weekly Live Webinars (English and Russian)(Spanish is coming):

   - Stay informed with expert insights and strategies in both English and Russian languages.

   - Gain a comprehensive understanding of credit repair through interactive sessions.

2. Ongoing Support for Your Credit Repair Process:

   - Access a supportive community of like-minded individuals and professionals.

   - Receive guidance and encouragement throughout your credit repair journey.

3. Monthly Webinars with Consumer Protection Attorney:

   - Exclusive sessions with a consumer protection attorney to navigate legal aspects.

   - Get firsthand legal insights to enhance your credit repair efforts.

4. Free Attorney Representation for Qualified Consumers:

   - Qualify for complimentary legal representation to address specific credit challenges.

   - Ensure your rights are protected with professional legal support.

5. Exclusive Pricing for Attorney Representation in Debt Lawsuits:

   - Special rates for group members in the unfortunate event of a debt-related lawsuit.

   - Access cost-effective legal representation tailored to your needs.

6. Free Case Evaluation:

   - Receive a complimentary assessment of your credit situation.

   - Identify areas of improvement and potential legal actions.

7. Compensation up to $1000 for Consumer Rights Violations:

   - Learn about your consumer rights and potential violations.

   - In case of proven violations, qualify for compensation up to $1000.


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Joining 'My Credit Score 750' on Facebook has been a game-changer for me! The weekly live webinars are so informative and, what's even better, they offer sessions in both English and Russian, making it accessible to a wider audience. The support from the community is incredible, and the monthly webinars with the consumer protection attorney provide a level of insight you won't find elsewhere. Plus, the exclusive perks like free attorney representation for qualified consumers and special pricing for debt lawsuits give you peace of mind on your credit repair journey. Highly recommend this group to anyone serious about improving their credit!



Being part of 'My Credit Score 750' Facebook Group has been a fantastic experience! The support and resources provided are unparalleled. The weekly live webinars keep me up-to-date on the latest credit repair strategies, and the dual-language option (English and Russian) is a thoughtful touch. The monthly sessions with the consumer protection attorney have been incredibly insightful, offering legal perspectives that have empowered me on my credit repair journey. The free case evaluation and compensation for consumer rights violations are valuable perks that set this group apart. Truly a community dedicated to helping you succeed!



This Facebook group is a gem for anyone serious about credit repair! The weekly live webinars are both informative and engaging, providing practical tips in English and Russian. The community support is phenomenal, and the monthly webinars with the consumer protection attorney add a legal edge to the credit repair process. The added bonus of free attorney representation for qualifying members and exclusive pricing for debt lawsuits is a testament to the group's commitment to its members' success. 'My Credit Score 750' is a must-join for anyone looking to take control of their credit journey!



I can't recommend 'My Credit Score 750' enough! The weekly live webinars are not only educational but also enjoyable, and having them in both English and Russian is a thoughtful touch for a diverse audience. The support I've received from the community has been invaluable, making the credit repair process less daunting. The monthly webinars with the consumer protection attorney provide a level of expertise that sets this group apart. The added perks of free attorney representation and exclusive pricing for debt lawsuits show a genuine commitment to member success. Joining this group was one of the best decisions I've made for my financial well-being!